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R&D goals

R&D goals1

Develop high performance and eco-friendly products to satisfy our customers' requirements for new upgrade materials, and to enhance social prosperity.

R&D goals2

Actively establish key industrial technologies to gain a leading position in the competitive international market.

R&D goals3

Create value-added products based on the spirit of innovation and research continuity; advance aspects of industrial innovation and then promote overall industrial competitiveness; and fulfill social responsibilities by protecting the environment and ensuring industrial safety.

Green energy / energy storage materials


Flexible electronics materials

Advanced packaging material

Green energy / energy storage materials

The world's population is growing, but resources are limited. Therefore, the future development of technology is bound to move towards saving energy or improving its efficiency. To achieve this goal, the development of green energy and energy storage-related materials plays a key role. Eternal Materials’ research and development on green energy and energy storage materials is in line with the spirit of social responsibility and sustainable development, and will hopefully provide the best green energy and energy storage materials to society.

The green energy and energy storage materials currently developed by Eternal Materials include conductive polymer materials, solid capacitor materials, transparent conductive thin films, dye-sensitized solar cell materials, and nano-energy materials. The results of solid capacitor materials are extraordinary: materials provided by Eternal allow customers' solid capacitor products to achieve the highest specifications (in terms of voltage or capacity, etc.) in the world. Such high-specification solid capacitors can furthermore be used in LED lighting. LED lighting using solid capacitors is safe, highly efficient, and has long service life. Eternal can therefore provide energy-saving, safe and secure products for the future society. Contributing to society by promoting materials was the original intention of Eternal Materials for the development of green energy and energy storage materials.


Due to the aging of the world's population, society will experience a substantial increase in demands for medical resources, especially in chronic disease management and monitoring. The estimated global population with chronic diseases in 2050 will be two to three times greater, resulting in new market demands. Among them, the most extensive chronic disease is diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common non-communicable diseases in the world. In high-income countries, diabetes is one of the top five causes of death. Similarly, diabetes is also widespread in developing countries and emerging industrialized countries.

In order to cope with the needs of society, Eternal develops in vitro diagnostic materials, such as blood glucose strip materials.

Flexible electronics materials

The features of "flexible electronics" technology include the related applications of five types of flexible electronics, i.e. Flexible displays, Flexible energy, Flexible memory, Flexible sensors and Flexible lighting. Among them, " Flexible energy" is regarded as the industry with the greatest potential. The future trend of flexible electronics products, including electronic components and power supply, necessitates the replacement of traditional " Rigid " products with "Flexible " products in order to achieve the goal of rollable electronic products and easy storage in pockets or purses. The most important key technique in flexible electronics technology is to use plastic substrates to replace glass or other rigid substrates. Polyimide material has especially excellent electrical properties, thermal properties and many other physical properties, so it is considered to be the most promising. Currently, the Company is committed to the development of related substrates and packaging materials that are applied to flexible displays, flexible energy and flexible lighting areas.

Advanced packaging material

Following high-density multi-functional requirements, 3D IC can minimize the volume of products and many future star products will be generated by it. Taiwan's IC assembly/test house and wafer-foundry industries are both considered to be the world's best. Related companies all invest in developing this mainstream technology of the next generation. With the evolution of new processes, required materials may be new and previously unavailable on the market, such as the wafer-level molding compound, NCF (Non-conductive film), which combines the process of wafer-grinding and chip-filling into one, etc.

The Company's research and development in related materials not only meets these challenges, but may also be integrated with quick feedback or materials from local manufacturers to become a strong competitor in the industry.

Eternal has several years of experience in the production of solid epoxy molding compounds and has a variety of liquid-dispensing products. Our dry film photoresist, among all coated products, takes first place in the world's market share. Backed with these technologies and production experience, we can effectively shorten the time for development and quantified production for manufacturers.

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