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Quality Policy

  • Realize research and innovation, pursue an overall elevation of quality.
  • We strive to establish a total QA System in which the spirit of “Research, Development, Innovation and Environmental Protection” as well as quality improvement practice will be carried out.
  • By way of continuous improvement, we guarantee the quality of our products and service, as well as our responsibility towards the environment, to satisfy the needs of our customers and the general public.
Quality Policy

Safety,Health and Environment Policy

Sustainable development is the business philosophy of Eternal Group. We make the following commitments to fulfillment of our social responsibilities for valuing life and protecting the earth.

  • Comply with regulations and implement policy

    Safety, health and environmental protection are integral parts of our business operation. We will continually comply with relevant statutes and regulations, carry out all operating measures and ensure a safe operation of equipment to protect the safety of the personnel and the working environment.

  • Full participation and continual improvement

    Safety, health and environmental protection are the common responsibilities of all personnel. Workers and their representatives are encouraged to participate and consult, We Health Promotion implement the policy of eliminating hazards and protecting the environment as well as carrying promotion out preventive and improvement actions to avoid occupational injury, accidents and environmental issues from arising.

  • Pursue safe production and develop green products

    We will design safe manufacturing processes to prevent our products from bring damaging or adversely effecting the environment. Also, we will actively research and develop green products to minimize impacts on the environment and improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

  • Effective training and communication for improving the safety and environmental culture

    Actively encourage personnel to participate in training on safety, health and environmental protection. We will build all feasible channels to gather ideas from personnel to achieve effective communication. We will also reinforce personnel's ability to cope with emergencies and promote this ability in daily activities. Through these measures, the business culture for safety, health and environment can be promoted.

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