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Toll Coating Service

Toll Coating Service

Taiwan Ta-Fa plant is Eternal’s development center for precision coating and is dedicated to the research and development of precision coating technology. Today, we have more than 20 coating lines and the coating quantity is about 400 million square meters per year. With our continuously accumulating coating techniques and experiences, we would like to develop high-value coated products with the industry. Therefore, Eternal also offers toll coating and contract coating services.

Toll Coating Service

Toll Coating Service


Item Name Characteristics Applications Data Sheets
Toll Coating Service Mixing and dispersing process——
High Shear Disperser, Three-Roll Mill, Ball Mill, etc.

Precision coating process——
Coating Head:Slot Die, Reverse Roll, Fine Kiss Gravure, Comma Coater, Closed Edge Die, Multilayer Coater
Cleanness of Coating Booth:Class 100/ Class 1000
Substrate:PET Film, Release Film, Copper Foil, Aluminum Foil
Substrate Thickness:12~250 μm
Substrate Width:300~1900 mm
Lacquer:Aqueous, Organic Solution
Viscosity:1~20,000 cps
Length of Baking Oven:8~60 m
Temperature of Baking Oven:Max.200℃
Curing:UV / Thermal Curing Available

Slitting process——
Slitting Substrate:PET Film, Release Film
Slitting Width:200mm ~ 1600mm
Slitting Thickness:15μm ~ 350μm

Slitting Width:0.8mm ~ 2mm
PCB Industry—
•Dry Film Photoresist
•Dry Film Solder Mask
•Copper Clad Laminate
•Resin Coated Copper Foil
•Lubricant Drill Entry Sheet
•Insulation Film for IC Substrate

LCD & Touch Panel Industry—
•Diffusion Film
•Hardcoat Film
•Optical Clear Adhesive Film
•Anti-Shatter Film
•Anisotropic Conductive Film
•Brightness Enhancement Film
•Reflection Film
•Protection Film
•Nano Ag Wire Transparent Conductive Film
•Carbon Nano Tube Transparent Conductive Film
•Transparent Conductive Polymer Film

•Photovoltaic Backsheet
•Photosensitive Polyimide Film
•Blood Glucose Test Strip

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