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Eternal Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award

Dedicated to the development of green materials,
targeting a 50% increase in green energy material sales by 2030

The Lu-Chu Plant of Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Eternal," Taiwan Stock Exchange stock code: 1717) was honored with the "Green Chemistry Safety Substitution Award" in the group category at the 3rd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award competition held by the Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau, EPA, Executive Yuan. Eternal values corporate social responsibility and actively researches and develops environmentally friendly green products. It invests in equipment and improvements to minimize environmental impact. In the future, the company will continue to uphold ESG principles and implement a sustainable growth business philosophy.

The "Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award" is organized by the The Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, in accordance with Article 72 of the Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Management Act and the "Reward Measures for the Operation of Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances." The award aims to encourage the industry and academic research institutions to pursue continuous innovative research and development of low-pollution and low-toxicity alternatives, reduce the use of hazardous substances, implement hazard prevention management, strengthen emergency disaster response capabilities, and promote green chemistry education.

Eternal is the largest synthetic resin plant in Asia, with synthetic resin accounting for over 50% of the company's overall revenue in the three major business divisions of synthetic resin, electronic chemical materials, and specialty materials. As Taiwanese people increasingly value health and safety, consumers are no longer willing to tolerate the pungent odor of paints and are choosing water-based paints instead. This change in consumer preference has led Eternal Materials' Luzhu plant to shift towards the development of green products such as water-based resins and resins for solar panels. The sales of Eternal Materials' green-related products reached NT$10.5 billion in 2022, accounting for over 20% of the overall revenue.

To implement green environmental protection, Eternal has made green chemistry one of the core strategies for its corporate development, from top to bottom. Using 2021 as the baseline year, the company has established its goals for 2030, which include increasing the sales of green products and green energy/energy-saving materials to 50%, and reducing carbon emissions by 20%. Eternal Materials, guided by environmental protection, will continue to research and develop new green materials and technologies, minimizing harm and impact on the environment, and upholding the philosophy of sustainable growth.
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